The inside of the Acceledrome.

The AcceleDrome is Dr. Tezla's secret headquarters, where Dr. Tezla, Gig, and Lani worked in secret to stop the Drones from winning more AcceleChargers. In the beginning Alec, Banjee, Kadeem. and Dan Dresden helped Dr. Tezla. It is located in the middle of a Californian desert, and cloaked by a canyon. It is also where the Metal Maniacs and Teku live while helping Tezla. There are two seperate "garages", one for the Teku on one side, and one for the Metal Maniacs on the other. However, in The Ultimate Race, Gig destroys the AcceleDrome in order to destroy the Drones.

Trivia Edit

  • In the cafeteria there is a little Easter egg. It's in the form of the brand used on one of the food labels. On Shirako's take out box, we can see the word "Baluca". Baluca Inc is actually a fast food company located in California, where the movies are supposed to take place.

The box on the bottom right says "Baluca".