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Hot Wheels AcceleRacers is a 2005 animated series of movies by Mattel. There are four original movies, starting with Ignition. The series concluded with Ultimate Race. It is believed that Starlight Runner Entertainment did not provide the story and script or any assistance in. The 4 movies and mini-sodes were animated by Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker Studios).

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The series started after Hot Wheels: Highway 35, taking 3 years after the event in the story. Vert Wheeler, along with Kurt Wylde, are racing in a street racing team known as Teku. Nolo Pasaro, leader, races against the Metal Maniacs, primarily Tork Maddox. After the participants almost fall off from a cliff, Gig intervenes and informs all racers to drive for Dr. Peter Tezla.

Many fans believe that the Ultimate Race ended with a cliffhanger and created many continuations as fanfictions, the most notable being the "The Edge".

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  • There was a fifth movie planned but later recycled into a reboot animated by Mainframe and for 2007. The reboot was named "Stunt Strikers" and canceled shortly after. All concepts were recycled for Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, which has no close connection to AcceleRacers.[1]
  • A false rumor is out in the fandom of AcceleRacers of the 5 movie to be called "The Truth".

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