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The AcceleRacers Wiki is a collaborative website about AcceleRacers that anyone can edit!

-Articles are needed-

Please contribute to short articles and add detail to characters, vehicles, ect.

-ATTENTION- These pages need to be created



Please DO NOT use another person's renderings/drawings or any artwork of any vehicles, characters, places, ect on a page without their permission first! Using someone else's artwork or rendering without their permission is very rude, and may be considered stealing. This wiki is all about official facts of the movies. Please be respectful and ask permission to put someone else's fan work on the site.

Screenshots/stills or official/promotional artwork by Mattel and the companies involved in creating the movies are the best to use on pages.

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Active Wiki contributors can now receive awards for making edits. Check your talk page!

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In order, the ranks are RED, GREEN, BLUE, SILVER, BRONZE, and GOLD. If you reach gold, you can talk to an admin about being promoted to admin.

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