Cliffside Realm Edit

The Cliffside realm starts out with a total drop. It's full of loops and hairpin turns. It's only hazard is the turns themselves, as a wrong move could cause a driver to fall off the tracks. In this realm, drivers need to master drifting into tight turns. The Cliffside Realm is where Shirako lost Bassline, because of a complication with his Nitrox 2 tanks that was cause by a drone, Kurt had to push him off the track before he could use his Nitrox, which would have detonated them, making him explode. We do not see who wins this realm, but it can be assumed that it was a member of the Silencerz.

Drivers: Edit

Kurt Wylde

​Shirako Takamoto

Tork Maddox

Mitchell "Monkey" McClurg




Sweeper Driver


Battle Spec



Rollin' Thunder




Drone Sweeper

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first time Shirako loses his car.
  • This is also one of two Realms where Shirako is focused on.
  • This is the second Realm where only four drivers race.
  • it is also shown in the Ultimate Race when Vert takes on Gelorum.
  • The picture seen above COULD be wrong, the card game uses that picture for the Canyon Realm.

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