Deezel "Porkchop" Riggs is a member of the Metal Maniacs, who usually hangs around Monkey. He is the muscle of the Metal Maniacs as their biggest Driver, is quick to anger and impossible to stop. He wears a bone-necklace that he bites into to control his rage. He is voiced by David Kaye.


Porkchop has never been beaten in racing before racing against the Teku. He has a rivalry with Shirako Takamoto, mainly because he doesn't like his music, but he also has a fear of water, because his father drowned.


Porkchop drives the most amount of cars between all five Metal Maniacs. When he first arrives in the Acceledrome with a big flat-bed truck called Old Smokey, he has a new Rollin' Thunder, Jack Hammer, and Riveted. He drives Jack Hammer in every realm from Swamp to Water. However, in the Water realm his hydrophobia get the better of him and he loses his car with the E.D.R. By the beginning of Breaking Point he has built a Motorcycle called Jaw Jammer. However, the bike is only used in one realm, after which Sparky accidentally burns the bike up. By the Ruins Realm he has built his final car, Pile Driver, he abandons it in the Drones Headquarters in the effort to save Mark Wylde.


  • Pork-Chop is the only Metal Maniac to win a Racing Realm.