The Drone Assimulator was the machine used by Gelorum to turn an individual into a Racing Drone. It was used on Brian Kadeem first by Gelorum, then later Mark Wylde by Brian Kadeem as a Racing Drone Cyborg.


The Drone Assimulator is a machine that appears as a variety of additions on it. It has a base that seems to resemble an individuals body with shoulders, neck and runs to the bottom to fit the rest of the body-to the feet. However, making most of this mimicking body area, there is mostly a neon green strip, that is suppossed to resemble the racing drones horns and to connect the individuals face with it, there are various surgical equipment, at the top a black device that has a needle at the tip was used for imprinting the tattoos, symbols, and coat streaks of the individuals hair, under it a black micro-machine has a neon-yellow green dye spread in horizontal width that spins around constantly was used for imprinting the eyes with neon, under that is a black micro-machine that is a claw with neon-yellow green dye spread in each of the front of the three finger-like parts, this was used for pulling the organs as well as a latter said part. On the left was a micro-machine that was a pincher with sickly green dye spread in the front of the two claw tips, this was used to turn the individuals left arm into a robotic arm. The next is a special, daul machine that has a curved knife-like tool on one end and has hardly-visible part that maybe a scooper, this machines function was to cut open the individuals organs and scoop them out. This machine has a gory process that in which transforms an individual into a machine, in Breaking Point, Gelorum used Brian's knowledge of the location of the acceledome, and in the Ultimate Race, RD Brain went for Mark Wylde and in a less gory process and in which his left arm was the only biological target on his body that was affected.

There are several model changes when the developers animated the machine that turned Brian Kadeem into the well known RD Kadeem, such as the first appearance had somewhat hardly visable, appearance, the back and the body mimicking encasing look was the same, but there were two identical pinchers rather than one on the left and a different one on the right, there were additional tools not seen on the close-up model, and it had visible, accurate features to the audiance, such as how long the machine was and how the individual's body would fit into it and which would not fit in it. When close up it looks as it says aformentioned, and but sadly, it isn't seen when Mark Wylde is turned into one, mostly because there would be too much money for the developers to produce it with. 

Trivia Edit

  • In Doctor Who, the Cyber-men also use a machine that is similar to the Drone Assimulator, in which it is a machine that is used for turning an individual into a Cyborg, has all the equipment for surgically removing, slicing, re-constructing and adding robotic additional features to the individuals, has sentient machine entities who target individuals and make them reveal anything that is useful to the entities, and just as in each movie, the developers don't show the gory process. However the only difference is to have varying amount of individuals who are forced to be in the process.
  • When the Sweeper dismantles car's when swept up, a pair of equipment looks similar to the Drone Assimulator's surgical equipment, however there are more equipment in the Drone Assimulator as the Sweeper has only two.

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