The Drone Assimulator was the machine used by Gelorum to turn an individual into a Racing Drone. It was used on Brian Kadeem first by Gelorum, then later Mark Wylde by Brian Kadeem as a Racing Drone Cyborg.


The Drone Assimulator is a very complex machine used on any creature it encases. There are many features on the body, including a nearly, human-shaped central spot, a neon, Racing Drone horn-shaped strip atop of a spinning eye-application tool, a few claws on each area of it, (used for removing and redesigning its victim's arms and torso) there is a knife-shaped tool used to cut off a limb, a special robotic tool used for definately creating robotic parts (similar in function to a real world 3-D Printer) and even attach them to the specific subject's body. The machine has many design changes on certain parts of a scene it has appeared on in Breaking Point.

The machine can be used to do partial remakings on its subject, as seen with Wylde, or even further steps, as with Kadeem. It even only seemed to appear somewhere in the Racing Drone's Headquarters, but it was visible when it lowered down to the Restraining Table.

Trivia Edit

  • In Doctor Who, the Cyber-men use another type of machine similar to the Drone Assimulator, which has mechanical, specified robotic tools to turn humanity into many clones of the machines. The equipment is active, once a subject enters the chamber room to a more possible, sadenning process that the developers don't let the audiance see. The Cyber-men also have ruthless behaviors and world-threatening intentions just like the Racing Drones, but even more so, they succedded in causing tramau in humans by dominance.
  • Due to the same, neon-light tech the Drones possess, their Sweeper is shown to dismantle the car's as they are swept into a specific room for the process. The equipment was just like the Drone Assimulator's, only enlarged and made to tear apart a vehicle, which was seen as a nuisance and set to being broken and possibly used later, or just straight up dumped out of the beast.

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