Gig was a floating X-88 robot who seems to be Dr.Tezla's loyal companion and side kick.



History Edit

World Race Edit

Gig was Dr. Tezla's helpful companion in World Race. He even made the suggestion to "find a new driver" which started the World Race, and the search for the best driver. Gig mainly stayed by Tezla's side for the majority of the World Race, activating the starting lights for the race, and updating Tezla and the drivers about various things. He even printed the checks for the winning team after Vert won the Wheel of Power. But after Dr. Tezla went to study the Wheel, it caused a power surge, shorting out any electronic devices within a few miles of the Cube. Including Gig. Gig was eventually fixed during or after Gelorum's attack. Gig's shorting out also convinced the Doctor that the Wheel held too much power for one person.

Acceleracers Edit

Gig was a part of the Silencerz until Dr. Tezla reprogrammed him. Or so he thought. Gig was actually a spy working still for the Silencerz. Throughout the series, whenever Gig asked the drivers for the AcceleChargers so he can analyze them. He was actually switching them out for a cheap copy. So he can later give the AcceleChargers to the Silencerz. This is revealed in Ultimate Race, when he goes into X-88 robot form to get the AcceleChargers from Lani. Despite this he stayed behind when the Drones were attacking, and personally detonated the Nitrox 2 tanks, destroying the AcceleDrome and himself in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • Gig seems to have gone through a lot of changes both with his voice module and with his looks between the events of World Race and Acceleracers, although the reason is unknown.

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