Hollowback was a car that was driven by Tork Maddox. Only it was kind of like the Hot Rods and Cruiser Cars fused together. It had a red paint job and a huge engine mounted on the hood. It entered the following realms: Swamp, Cavern, Metro, Cliffside, Ice, Junk & Cosmic

Hollowback was abandoned in the Drone's headquarters.


  • Forward mounted ramming blade
  • Flamethrowers on its engine-mounted and side exhaust pipes

Die Cast VariationsEdit

  • 2005
  1. Flat red plastic body
  2. Flat maroon plastice body
  3. Shiny/satin red body, 6 spokes
  4. Shiny/satin red body, 5 spokes
  5. Toy Fair 2005
  6. McDonald's Happy Meal
  • 2006
  1. Acceleron series
  2. Standard Metal Maniac colors
  • 2007
  1. Track Stars series


Tork Maddox

Trivia Edit

It's one of the very few cars that it's the only one driven in all of the series without getting broken nor destroyed, the other one being Karma's Chicane.

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