Hot Wheels City was the end of Highway 35 as it holds the Wheel of Power to any human driver who enters the city can be allowed to claim it. It was originally introduced in the 'Hot Wheels World Race' movie as Vert Wheeler raced to the end and retrieved the Wheel before the Drones did, and returned it after Gelorum attempted to attack the entire World Race crew to get the Wheel and returned it to Hot Wheels City where it belongs.

Two years later, Dr. Tezla tried to get the Wheel of Power from the Racing Drones as he discovered the secret of the Racing Realms and returned back to Hot Wheels City, but the place was swarming with Drones as Gelorum destroyed the entire city and left Dr. Tezla badly injured as he escaped before Gelorum had a chance to inflict anymore harm to him. After some time has passed after the incident, Gelorum had rebuilt the ruins of Hot Wheels City into the Racing Drones' stronghold and has built up a strong army to tackle the Racing Realms to get her revenge on both humans and Accelerons.