This page concentrates on the friendship between Shirako Takamoto and Kurt Wylde. Both drivers are members of team Teku.

Examples of Friendship:Edit

  • Kurt invites both Shirako and Nolo to the Acceledrome, believing both can help.
  • Shirako upgraded Kurt's new car before the Swamp Realm.
  • Shirako does not seem bothered by Kurt yelling at him in the Cavern realm to turn up his music, actually happily doing so.
  • Both Shirako and Kurt went towards the surface in the Water Realm.
  • Kurt is concerned for Shirako's safety in the Cliffside.
  • The two stick together in the Junk Realm and don't split up until the very end.
  • Shirako agrees to help Kurt save Wylde from the Racing Drones Headquarters.

Examples of Conflict:Edit

  • Kurt decides that the only way to save Shirako in the Cliffside realm is to push him off the track.
  • Shirako does not seem concerened when Kurt wipes out in the Junk Realm.
  • Shirako is the last one to agree to help Kurt in saving Markie.


  • Shirako and Kurt are the only Teku racers who use the Mega-Bass weapon.
  • Both Shirako and Kurt frequently enter the same realms: Swamp, Cavern, Water, Cliffside, Junk, and Cosmic. There is only one realm Shirako goes into that Kurt doesn't, the Neon-Pipeline realm
  • Both of them wear some sort of eye protectors while driving.
  • Both of them have come close to winning two realm. Shirako was in the lead in the Cliffside and Cavern realms and Kurt almost won the Storm and Metero realms.

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