Lani Tam Is a former Wave Ripper and love interest to Taro Kitano in highway 35, afterwards becoming a helper alongside Dr. tezla.


After the World Race, Lani has been working with Dr. Tezla, and after Dr. Tezla's encounter with the Drones, she followed him to the AcceleDrome, where she keeps tabs on the drivers sent into the Realms with communicators and dash board monitors.

Lani also used to date Taro Kitano, but in the events prior to Ignition, broke up with him, saying that he was, "hard to talk to". It seems, however, that she still has feelings for him, as she can be seen expressing regret whenever she's around him, and also concern.


Lani's only car is her '57 Chevy, a repaint of her car from Highway 35.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems that Lani perhaps has feelings for Taro as they are constantly seen together after Ignition.

• Lani used to have a crush on former Wave Ripper teammate Vert Wheeler

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