Mitchell "Monkey" McClurg is a member of the Metal Maniacs, as well as the team's mechanic. He is very hyperactive, jumpy, and "afraid of everything" but is also very friendly.


Monkey can be described as a bit jumpy and nervous, but is also very friendly and despite being an Metal Maniac also very Neutral. He usually hangs around Porkchop, and has a crush on Lani. Though, he is also very smart, as shown when he built the robot "Sparky" and created a new version of Nitrox.


Monkey's first car was Rollin' Thunder (which couldn't handle going 300MPH, as the needle on his speedometer broke). The car is destroyed during the Storm Realm when he attempted to take on RD-L1 (which was chasing him) and the drone destroyed his car with an electric ball. Porkchop brings a replacment Rollin' Thunder to the Acceledrome. The second Rollin' Thunder mysteriously vanishes between "Breaking Point" and "The Ultimate Race", though it could have been destroyed in the Ruins Realm, from then on Monkey drives Rat-Ified, which he sacrifices to take over a Sweeper in the effort to save Markie.


  • Monkey is the first Metal Maniac newcomer to enter a racing realm
  • Monkey is the first and currently only person to reverse engineer a Dr. Tezla "Creation".
  • Monkey contributes the most into saving cars in the realms:
  • He created a new Nitrox boost, Nitrox 3 1/2; which helped Taro escape the Drones Headquarters and make it to the end of the realm before it closed.
  • He brought back racing drones tires: which helped all the drivers stay on the road in several realms.
  • He put and E.D.R and a Nitrox booster in Old Smokey, which later saves Wylde, Tork, and Taro from drones.
  • Monkey somehow has a picture of Vert's mom on his dresser. It can be seen before the Metro Realm opens.

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