Nitrium is Dr. Peter Tezla's personal car, which is based on the Silencerz' technology that he stole. It has been driven by someone else on one occasion.


Nitrium first appeared in the begining of Ignition, going up the track to get the Wheel of Power. But it was shot by a drone at the last second and fell to the ground. Luckily, Tezla was able to escape at the last second using a prototype version of the E.D.R. before an RD-L1 could kill him. This event caused Tezla to become greatly injured and lose his car in the process.

Tezla, however, may have had more than one copy of the car, as it reappears during Breaking Point in the Neon-Pipeline Realm to confront the Silencerz, and Dr. Tezla helps Shirako Takamoto to escape death.

Its final appearance was in The Ultimate Race when Lani Tam drives away from the Acceledrome in the vehicle with Tezla.


  • High intesity polarized light emitters

Die-Cast VariationsEdit

  • (2005)
  • Shiny silver body, 6 spokes
  • Flat silver body, 6 spokes
  • (2006)
  • Drone'd series
  • Standard Silencerz markings



  • When another car takes a hit from a Racing Drones cannon it usually falls apart, but Nitrium stayed intact. This could mean Silencerz cars are stronger than normal ones.
  • This car originally belonged to the Silencerz, but it doesn't contain Smart-Metal alloys, holographic emmiters, or even the advanced variant of the E.D.R. One possible explanation is that the Silencerz developed those technologies after Tezla stole from them.

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