History: Edit

Octainium is a car driven by a member of the Silencerz. It never made an on-screen appearance but was released as a Die-Cast collectible in Silencerz paint.


Octainium 2005 Accleracers Die-Cast Car.

Drivers: Edit


Features: Edit


-Driver & Car Return Device

-Electric Camouflaging (Allows Car to morph into other cars)

-Camouflage piercing light rays

- Invisibility

-Accelecharger Compatibility

Die-Cast Variants: Edit

-2005 Acceleracers

-2007 Starter Set

-2008 Race Aces (Green Chrome)

-2008 Race Aces (Dark Purple Chrome

-2009 Stunt Jump Dual Track Set

-2009 3 Lane Super Speedway (Chrome)

-2009 3 Lane Super Speedway (Blue Chrome)

-2009 3 Lane Super Speedway (Gold Chrome)

-2011 Super 6 Lane Speedway

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