RD Kadeem, or Racing Drone Brian "Zone" Kadeem, was the current version of the original Brian "Zone" Kadeem, he was created when Gelorum used the Drone Assimulator on him in the gory process that took Seven or more hours to complete it's function/purpose. RD Kadeem was lost in his suicide he did after he told that the original Kadeem was gone and dead after he was created. While some poeple think kadeem was inside RD kadeem they fail to see that at the end of breaking point when he first apprears as he winks his skin twitchs proveing that kadeem was stuffed with parts rather then a remodel.

Personality Edit

RD Kadeem is a more confident and superior-like individual who knows nothing of half his original memories, such as his African-like Tribe and his people, he doesn't forget the World Race and about his win that was actually won by Vert Wheeler with this his rivalry with Kurt still on goes, he also deceives and tricks anybody into being shot, as his Racing Drone side is in function and corrupts him into tricking them.

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