RD-Kadeem, or Racing Drone Brian "Zone" Kadeem, was the current version of the original Brian "Zone" Kadeem, he was created when Gelorum used the Drone Assimulator on him in the gory process that took Seven or more hours to complete it's function/purpose. RD-Kadeem was lost in his suicide he did after he told that the original Kadeem was gone and dead after he was created. While some poeple think Kadeem was inside RD-Kadeem they fail to see that at the end of Breaking Point when he first appears as he winks his skin twitchs proveing that Kadeem was stuffed with parts rather then a remodel.

Personality Edit

RD-Kadeem noticeably lost many portions of his old self, including his "home" and memories. However, he retains his old spirit in overpowering and dominating his rival Kurt, going as far as keeping him alive for some fate. Unfortunately, the robotic side of Kadeem caused him to die and no longer exibit a behavior for the future. Nonetheless, RD-Kadeem is able to deceive his victims, due to enhancements from the machine that made him.

He used to be kind and friendly, but after he was corrupted by the Drones, he became a sadistic and most likely insane, wanting to kill his own former teammates when they entered the Drone HQ to rescue Mark Wylde, he even forgets about his people in the battle with Kurt.

Appearance Edit

RD-Kadeem looks like a mix of an RD-L1 and Kadeem himself. He has the legs, right arm, lower torso, abdomen and back-parts of the RD-L1 and the left arm, upper torso and head were kept from Kadeem during his reconstruction on the Drone Assimulator. He exports the markings of the Accelerons on his forehead like most drones and has glowing green eyes and mouth, his dreads also have little divisions that glow green. He doesn't appear to have any internal organs, which obviously were scooped out when he was being transformed.

Like Gelorum in her true form, he also doesn't have the metal appendages RD-S1 and RD-L1 have and he was most likely drive his own vehicle without blending with it.

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