The RD Drones consist of 10 vehicles that specialize in different purposes; terrain, attack, speed, ect. They were built and designed by the Racing Drones, and some drones do not appear in the series. However, all vehicles in the series are described in a bonus track from the episode Ignition.

RD-01 Edit

RD-01 is the first vehicle on the list, and does not appear in the series.

RD-02 Edit

The RD-02 was a drones car in Acceleracers. RD-02 is powered by a 840HP Hydrogen fueled turbine engine on a 8 speed transmission. An Aluminum chassis holds RD-02 together on fully adjustable computerized suspension with a carbon fiber monocoque. The RD-02 has 16" carbon ceramic 18 piston brakes with drilled and slotted rotors. 18" carbon fiber front/20" wheels stability control enhancing wings. The aerodynamic coefficient are tested and where slimmed to nearly nothing.


RD-03 Edit

RD-03 may be the most sleek tanker in the series. Its widley distinguished by a round shell and small windows.


RD-04 Edit

RD-04 is a terrain hybrid vehicle with a spare tire mounted to the back of the cockpit.

RD-05 Edit

RD-05 was once mistaken for RD-08 as RD-L1's vehicle. From the battlefield to the track, this RD-05 is nicknamed "Fast Menace" in all facets of endeavors!

RD-06 Edit

This car, belonging to the Racing Drones faction, with a 7-liter supercharged engine, computer controlled suspension, and composite wheels, this car was made for the realms. This is a futuristic looking car, it is a single seater with a huge set of rear wheels and a very generic yet stealthy paint scheme on a very slender looking body.

RD-07 Edit

A bike from the Racing Drones that was never produced.

RD-08 Edit

RD-08 is the vehicle RD-L1 drove in ignition, It was shown numerous times throughout the movie.

RD-09 Edit

RD-09 is the vehicle Gelorum drove against Vert in the Ultimate Race.

RD-10 Edit

RD-10 is the last standard RD vehicle on the list, and does not appear in the series.


RD-L1 - Racing Drone Lieutenant 1 - RD-L1 drives RD-05 and RD-08 throughout the series, most notably in Ignition.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all the racing drones cars that appear, RD-02 appears to be a common staple for the racing drones.
    • This gives it the surprising title of "Most wrecked Acceleracers car" seeing as it is wrecked over 100 times over the course of the series.
  • RD-06 comes in as a close second for RD-02's title of "Most wrecked Acceleracers car" as it is wrecked 33 times.
  • RD-07, though not appearing, still gets it's fair share of wreckage in the series with 28 wrecks.