The Ruins Realm has what seems like the remains of an ancient culture or civiliziation for a track and obstacles. The track takes place in a tropical jungle, and seems to resemble ancient Mayan ruins. There are statues and pyramids and columns all throughout this realm that drivers must avoid to get to the finish. This realm also contains a many-faced statue creature as a hazard.

In this realm Vert crashes Nightlife and is almost squashed by the statue creature. Nightlife falls on his leg, causing an injury to his leg that he will have to deal with in Ultimate Race.

Drivers: Edit

Winner: Racing Drones (in the Ultimate Race when RD-L1 puts the Accelechargers from Tesla in Gelorum's car, you can see the Ruins Realm Accelecharger in the compartment)

Trivia: Edit

  • The Ruins Realm seems to resemble the Monument Realm, but the Monument Realm is never shown on screen.
  • This is also the realm in which the Drones' origin story is told.
  • The picture on top is wrong, that is actually the Monument Realm's symbol and image .
  • This Racing Realm that is a Microsode Realm that can be found on the Breaking Point DVD as a Bonus Feature.
  • It is unknown who won this realm, though it is either the Silencerz or Drones.

Continuity errorsEdit

  • The drones are seen hiding in the Ice Realm, however it would be impossible for them to hear the traffic outside
    • They could be in Antarctica, however they still would be unable to hear the traffic
      • The drones would have awakened much earlier than World Race if they were only awoken by car horns
  • This assumes the Racing Drones began as Racing Drones, making the CLYP drones either remodeled racing drones or prototypes; however the Racing Drones would not have recruited prototypes, and if CLYP robots are remodeled, why aren't all the Racing Drones CLYP robots?

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