Vehicle FeaturesEdit

  • Grappling Hook
  • Zed-36 Spy Paint Changer
  • Electrical Ball Zapper/Paralyzer
  • F1 Style V12 Engine
  • 7-Speed Manual Transmission
  • 2-Speed Reverse Transmission
  • Spy Viewer


Sling Shot was a car driven by Kurt Wylde in Acceleracers Ignition. It came from the World Race and was repainted in Teku colors. It was shown in the begining of Ignition and later destroyed at the end of the Storm Realm. Reason: It had sustained too much damage after hiting a Drone Car and Flipping and Cartwheeling until it stopped upside down. It lost its Front-Left Wheel and the Windshield was shattered.

Die-Cast VariationsEdit

No Teku Form of Sling Shot was released as it only came in World Race variations. The Die-Cast Versions had World Race Graphics with Hot Rod Wheels with a Green Trim (2003), a Gold Form was made with World Race Graphics except the black underbody and wheels were now gold. The Zed-36 Variation only came in the RLC Complete 35 Set and it had a Black Body with Green Windows and a green wheel trim. The RLC ZAMAC Version had a chrome body with A green wheel trim.

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