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The Sweeper is one of the Racing Drones inventions. It "sweeps" up cars and dismantling the vehicle and capturing the driver inside. It was built as the Racing Drones solution to get the Accelechargers won by Dr. Tezlas' Drivers in Racing Realms. The only drivers who have been "swept up" were Nolo and Monkey in the Metro Realm. It also has two mini vehicles that it can dispatch to deal with the Drivers, the Sweeper Drones built to get underneath the Metal Maniac and Teku cars to sabotage them or disable them for sweeping, and the Drone motorcycle in order to race if the Sweeper is unable to. In the Cosmic Realm, Monkey willingly drives his car into a Sweeper in order to hijack it and allow the other Drivers to use it as a "Trojan Horse" to get into the Drone Headquarters and rescue Mark Wylde. After leaving the Drone Headquarters by way of E.D.R., the Drivers take another Sweeper (Which Porkchop likens to "Old Smokey") inside of the Acceledome to leave before its destroyed by Gig to kill the last of the Racing Drones inside.

Driver Edit

Sweeping Drone

Trivia Edit

  • Even though they are massive in size, they can be taken out as easily as a RD-S1 car
  • It is unknown of what would happen if a Racer was trapped inside the Sweeper after his/her car was dismantled, but probably taken to the Drones HeadQuarters to be transformed into a cyborg like Kadeem was.
  • There is at least 1-3 Sweepers in each realm the Racing Drones are in after the Metro Realm.
  • Even though they are created to sweep in vehicles, the SIlencerz and the human already found their way to evade and destroy them from the Junk Realm onwards.
  • They are constantly hitting theirselves in the realms in a afford to capture pilots, causing them all to be destroyed by they're own stupidity, like RD-S1 and other casts of drones.

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