Teku speakers

Overview Edit

The Teku are a street racing team who favor bright, glowing, sophisticated vehicles. The team is led by Nolo Passaro who takes over leadership after his brother, Tone's, death and have a fierce rivalry with another street racing team called the Metal Maniacs. Music seems to keep them going in tough times and be their motivation. All Teku cars sport the teams colors; blue, orange, and white, and have the team name and symbol on them. They also have lights on the bottom of their cars.

Vehicles Edit

Reverb (1/9)

Drift Tech (2/9)

Synkro (3/9)

Chicane (4/9)

Battle Spec (5/9)

Power Rage (6/9)

High Voltage (7/9)

SpecTyte (8/9)

Bassline (9/9)


Deora II



  • Teku means "Tech" in Japanese, but can also be translated into "Go!"
  • Whatever color the inside lights of a Teku driver's helmet is, is the same color as the lights at the bottom of their cars.
  • All Teku cars have the jets on the bottom of them. This may suggest that they took the technology from Tezla's Wave Ripper cars when Vert joined. Although, Kurt is never seen using his.
  • Although the former leader of the team had them on his car before he died. This may suggest that Vert joined the team before Tone died.


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