The Ultimate Race is the fourth and last installment of Hot Wheels: Acceleracers. It aired on Cartoon Network on October 1 2005 and was released on DVD on November 28 2006.



  • A fifth film was supposed to be produced, which would be entitled as "Strikers" or "Stunt Strikers". Due to internal changes at Mattel, the film ended up never being produced, even though that were few toys given out at McDonald's under the name of Stunt Strikers, which featured a comic with its own characters and story.
    • Despite the fact that the fifth film was never produced, a German catalog featured few cars that would appear on said film, such as Titanium, which would be driven by Vert. There was also an upcoming action figure line which would include Vert, Nolo, Shirako, Tork, Porkchop, Wylde (with his drone arm), Major Wheeler, Banjee (as one of the Silencerz), Kadeem (as a Racing Drone) and a drone.