"I didn't do anything to his brother!"

~Tork Maddox

Overview Edit

Tork Maddox is the leader of the Metal Maniacs. He has gold earrings and wears a red muscle shirt with a tire tread on his shoulders. He is very big and muscular. He has spiky black hair and green eyes. His left eyebrow has a small scar. He is level headed and cool, often being the one who makes the tough decisions. Tork also puts his teammates before himself, and tries to make the best decisions for everyone.


Tork Maddox has a rivalry with Teku leader Nolo Pasaro, because Nolo alleges that Tork killed his brother, Tone, in a race. He refuses to believe he killed Nolo's brother. However, in the back of his head, Tork often fears he actually did and his frequented by nightmares of the crash. Tork also keeps the Metal Maniacs together during stressful times.

Personality Edit

As the leader of the Metal Maniacs, Tork naturally acts aggressive and loud. He often solves problems with brute force. He commands a lot of respect from his team, even from the hulking Pork Chop. But deep down he is a very caring person and protects his team. He even took Wylde in when no one else wanted him. Tork lets his actions speak for themselves such as when he accepts Wylde's challenge. He tends to keep to himself and usually silently evaluates his team's driving. Ultimately, he is a level-headed driver who tries to do the right thing.

Story Edit

Ignition Edit

Tork first appears at the coast alongside Taro Kitano to race new Teku leader, Nolo Passaro. What he does not know is that the race is actually a revenge scheme set up by Nolo to kill Tork who he blames for killing his brother. Apparently, Tork never told Wylde of his race with Nolo. Perhaps he knew Wylde would mess things up, which is ultimately what ends up being true. At the starting line, Tork has a flashback where he expresses that Tone "won't even make it to the finish." Taro says that Tone's a good driver to which Tork brags, "Oh yeah? I'm better."

When the race starts, Tork quickly takes the lead while his opponent struggles. Tork smirks about this. When Nolo finally gets into the groove, he rams Tork from behind and Tork tells him to back off. Then Nolo pulls up even and yells, "This is for Tone!" and proceeds to try and push Tork over the cliff. Tork retaliates with a flame attack from his engine, forcing Nolo away. The fight is quickly stopped when Wylde squeezes between the and causes a massive wipe out that wrecks both vehicles. Tork expresses a lot of frustration at the destruction of his car when he is later seen punching it.


Tork's only car is Hollowback. This gives the best track record for the Metal Maniacs and ties with Karma for best track record over all with cars, each only using one.


  • Tork is the only person who led a team and did not lose a car.
  • Tork is one of the two Metal Maniacs seen using the Cavern Realm Accelcharger, the other is Taro.
  • Tork is the only racer who has earrings.
  • Tork is the only African-American driver in AcceleRacers.
  • He is one of two Maniacs who used fire to repel an opponent. The other, Wylde, used it against him.