Unofficial New Realms and New AcceleChargers

Here is the list below:

Rage Realm:

A Racing Realm that causes all teams to snap behind the wheel and turn against each other violently. The Red Energy is the cause. The skill for this Realm is controlling your temper and not have a Road Rage. Drivers will need to keep windows up and air conditioning vents shut in order to keep the Red Energy out.

Dishwasher Realm:

A Realm where drivers end up in a giant dishwasher that never turns off. Sprayers, the heating element, and other parts of the machine are the few hazards of this Realm. The track is a circuit, thus giving the drivers 8 laps. Each one that is done will cause the dishwashing machine to be more powerful and overwhelming. The track is also very wet and water from the upper spray arm as well as the spray tower constantly spews the drivers with so much water that it's difficult to concentrate on the road. The aforementioned parts of the machine is powerful enough to cut through cars, so the drivers must steer clear of them. An AcceleCharger will grant the car to be waterproof.

Depression Realm:

A Racing Realm that revolves around sadness, gloominess, and misery. The hazards are lightning, dark clouds, harps and pianos playing sad songs, as well as heavy rain. The skill for this Realm is coping with depression and driving with watery eyes and tears falling down from them. Even the Racing Drones cry while behind the wheel of their cars.

Cartoon Realm:

A looney tunes themed Realm that features guest characters such as Daffy Duck, The Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Wile E Coyote, Yosemite Sam, and Marvin The Martian, albeit in a hostile way towards the drivers. The skill for this Realm is survival as the hazards contain falling anvils, marvin's giant robots armed with laser pistols and energy rifles, TNT, and Coyote's various deadly traps.

Future Realm:

A Racing Realm where drivers end up in a destroyed city in the year of 2063. A giant robot armed with a handheld railgun, spider tank drone units, armed combat robots, autonomous cars and trucks, and VTOL, autopilot jets are the hazards of this Realm. The skill for it is survival and an AcceleCharger will grant the car immense durability as well as easily pummeling through any obstacle. Unfortunately, overuse of this particular AcceleCharger will deteriorate your car and result in a blown engine.

Test Facility Realm:

A Racing Realm that takes the drivers through a test facility where they must master a particular skill, for example, a slalom course as well as jumping over dangerous hazards such as an acid pool. Hazards include living crash test dummies, moving walls that will plow through cars, self driving cars and trucks, and spike strips that unexpectedly pop up.

Greenhouse Realm:

A Racing Realm where the drivers end up in a giant greenhouse that contains huge, living plants as well as intense heat. It is a variant of the Micro Realm.

Pier Realm:

A variant of the Micro Realm. The drivers are taken to an oceanside esque pier that sways dangerously due to strong ocean waves crashing in. Dangers include monstrous seagulls and pelicans, the swaying pier track, strong winds, as well as heavy rain.

Candyland Realm:

A Racing Realm that is based on the board game of the same name. It contains giant chocolate bunnies, living candy canes, cars getting stuck on gum, and monstrous candy bars.

House Realm:

A Racing Realm where drivers end up in house that contains dangerous versions of typical rooms. Such as living toys in a child's bedroom, a living handheld showerhead and toilet in the bathroom, and a monstrous bed in a parents' bedroom. When racing downstairs, there is a couch monster, a spider like chandelier, a living TV, fireplace and TV remote, as well as the rug. The kitchen has a monstrous stove, silverware, fridge as well as the microwave. Lastly, the backyard has a living water hose, a dangerous lawn mower, ravenous trash can monsters, and a small maelstrom in a swimming pool.

Steep Realm:

A Realm where drivers end up on a steep track where braking is useless, unless reaching the end of the steep road. Criss Crossing tracks, long jumps, near endless straightaways, spirals, and loops appear before going downhill again. The two skills for this Realm is driving at a lower gear as well as "engine braking". An AcceleCharger enables the driver to stop on the steep track.

Criss Cross Realm.

A Realm where a giant, criss crossing track that is suspended over a deep V shaped valley. Perfectly timing near misses is the skill to master in this Realm. Additionally, straightaways, longer jumps, and zigzags appear before criss crossing again.

Highway Realm:

A Realm where drivers end up on the wrong side of the highway filled with oncoming cars, indestructible concrete highway barriers, falling lampposts and highway signages. Weaving through traffic as well as avoiding falling obstacles are the skills of this Realm. More hazards include Kamikaze Semi Trucks and Snowplow Trucks that will easily destroy cars. It is a variant of the Metro Realm, but the city in the background is not real and therefore, an image. Lastly, the Silencerz have camouflaged into traffic cars and are on the right side of the highway, possibly have stolen the Ruins and Warped Realm AcceleChargers to cheat in this race.

Alien Invasion Realm:

The drivers are taken to a destroyed city that resembles War Of The Worlds. A Racing Realm that is all about survival and therefore must avoid tripods that are armed with heat rays, tentacles, and black smoke. Armed alien soldiers that can see cloaked Silencer cars, flying machines, and spider tank drone units from the Future Realm. They have fortunately helped the Racing Drones due to them not being human, resulting in a easy win for them.

White Noise Realm:

A Racing Realm that involves a giant White Noise Machine that never turns off. Hazards include the aforementioned white noise machine, no rumble strips, deep sleep, and bumping into other cars. The Racing Drones are unaffected due to them being robots and have easily won this Realm.

Christmas Realm:

A dark version of a typical holiday. Hazards include evil versions of Santa Claus and his Reindeer, Giant armed nutcracker soldiers and gingerbread men, as well as evil snowmen that fires icicles that will seriously injure or kill a driver.

Ice Realm 2.0:

A more dangerous version of the original Ice Realm. It now features giant yetis, snow tornadoes, icy stalagmites that will impale cars, an icy track that collapses without warning, and the original Ice Realm AcceleCharger is now rendered useless. Therefore, must deal with the slippery track.

Error Realm:

A Racing Realm that revolves around glitches and system errors. Such as unable to use the EDR, Silencerz are unable to use their Invisibility, EMP Blaster, and Camouflage. Teku cannot play music, Racing Drones cannot use energy blasters and slam ram hyperpods, and AcceleChargers are also useless. The Metal Maniacs fortunately have won this Realm.

Invisible Realm:

A difficult Racing Realm that involves invisible objects and therefore, must drive with care. Even the track itself is also invisible as well. The Silencerz had secretly modified their headlights and windshields on their cars to see the invisible track, wall, and objects to cheat in this Realm. They had also upgraded their cloaking system to render them completely invisible, having no indication of where they are.

Sandstorm Realm:

A variant of the Desert Realm. But only features a dangerous dust storm. Drivers need to keep their windows closed and air conditioning vents shut and off to avoid breathing in the dust. They also have to drive carefully due to poor visibility and might collide with another racer or obstacle if they're careless. The skill for this Realm is driving in the dust storm.

Forward Realm:

A Realm where each driver's car cannot stop or even reverse. The skill for this Realm is to stay being focused and not increase speed. Larger vehicles are at a bigger risk.

Sky Realm 2.0:

Now the Sky Realm takes place only in the sky and not going down to the ground. Hazards include strong winds, cumulonimbus clouds, slippery track when inside the cloud, heavy rain, and the bright sun.

Water Realm 2.0:

An updated, yet more dangerous version of the original. Now it features giant piranhas, waterspouts, cumulonimbus clouds, giant jellyfishes, empowered maelstroms, and giant sharks. Fortunately, an AcceleCharger will enable the car to drive underwater without electronics shorting out.

Reverse Realm:

A variant of the Forward Realm. Now all drivers cannot stop their cars whilst in reverse on a steep track just like in the previous aforementioned Realm. The skill is paying close attention to what's behind you or else resulting in a brutal crash. Dangers include walls that pop up, spike strips, giant blocks and spheres.

Music Room Realm:

A Realm where drivers are tasked to escape a haunted music room. Hazards include the Vibraphone, Synthesizers, Turntables, Harp, Drums, and Piano. It is a variantion of the Micro Realm.

Hollywood Realm:

A Racing Realm that resembles Los Angeles. But is filled with REAL special effects. Hazards include collapsing buildings, tornadoes, zombies, a swaying Golden Gate Bridge, death defying jumps, and giant, monstrous Hollywood filming cameras. The skill for this Realm is survival.

Evil Twin Realm:

A Racing Realm where drivers are challenged by their evil counterparts to a duel, by racing on a circuit track. The skill is beating your rival. This is only for Teku and Metal Maniacs only, whereas the Racing Drones and Silencerz watch. It is also the first and only time for the Drones watching human drivers race instead of usually being hostile toward them.

Fear Realm:

A Racing Realm where drivers must face their worst fears. Most notably porkchop's fear of water as well as Racing Drones having emotions. Hazards include dark areas of the track, ominous sounds, scary smiling faces, evil dogs, and haunted versions of cars from all teams. Being brave and courageous are the only ways out.

Horror Realm:

A Racing Realm that consists of a bloody track filled with organs, severed heads and corpses. Living old trees, zombies from the Hollywood Realm, and guest characters Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface, Christine, Chucky, and Michael Myers that will attempt to murder ONLY human drivers. The Racing Drones on the other hand are ignored, and therefore, an easy win for them. Furthermore this is the first (and only) over the top Racing Realm that is NOT featured in the movies, but is most likely, a canceled Racing Realm or a banned minisode due to AcceleRacers being for children. It is possibly created by Creepypasta.

Trance Realm:

A Realm that revolves around hypnotism. All drivers are under control of trance music throughout the track. They must break free from being hypnotize by bumping into another driver or blinking their eyes because of not under complete control. Even the Racing Drones cannot resist the effects of mind control.

Cosmic Realm 2.0:

A more dangerous version of the original. Now it features zero gravity, pulsars, larger black holes, homing comets, and UFOs.

Stealth Realm:

A Realm containing trip wires, lasers, and security systems that will close off certain tracks, sounding alarms, as well as patrol robots that are armed with sniper rifles, shotguns, and assault rifles to kill the intruders. The skill is being quiet and careful due to also activating sentries that are either machine gun or homing missile if not moving stealthily throughout the Realm.

Sound Realm 2.0:

A more dangerous version of the original. Now it features high sound level tornado sirens, low flying military aircraft, bells, alarms, cars honking and skidding, as well as loud ticking clocks. Drivers will need to deal with annoying and unpleasant sounds in order to make it out of this Realm.

Space Cruiser Realm:

A Racing Realm that takes the drivers into a colossal sized Space Cruiser that is big enough for a track. It contains armed alien guards, patrol robots from the Stealth Realm, autonomous space police cars and trucks, automated sentries, and heavily armored and armed alien soldiers that drive space themed armored trucks or APCs.

Balance Realm:

A Realm consisting of a track that will cause cars to fall off a high rise track if not maintaining balance. Larger vehicles are more likely to cause more sway to the track and fall off of it as well. The skill is therefore, maintaining the center of gravity of the swaying track.

Junkyard Realm:

A variant of the Junk Realm but takes the drivers through a giant junkyard that features compactors, cranes with claws, collapsing stacks of crushed cars, giant junkyard guard dogs, car shredders, magnetized lifters, and a more powerful version of the Mechanized Destroyer as seen in the Junk Realm.

Metro Realm 2.0:

An updated version of the original. Now it features driverless police cars and SWAT Trucks that aggressively pursue the drivers, a police helicopter, heavy traffic, malfunctioning traffic lights, car accidents, and giant snowplow trucks that will threaten the drivers.

Natural Disaster Realm:

A Realm that features all kinds of natural disasters, such as tornadoes, volcanoes, empowered microbursts, floods, and strong winds.

Air Duct Realm:

A Racing Realm that takes place in a Air Duct that features different tracks to the finish line. Inline duct fans, hot and cold air, ventilation noise, as well as dirty air are the few hazards of this Realm. It is a variant of the Micro Realm.

Street Realm:

A variantion of the Micro Realm. It takes the drivers through a neighborhood street that has urban runoffs, giant cars and trucks, open manholes, and glaring streetlights.

More To Be Added....

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