This page was created by fans who want to tell other fans about their other ideas for more realms. Remember, there are at least 4 unknown Racing Realm symbols, the most noted being the Forest Realm, as a danger in the TCG confirms this. Place your ideas here!

4 Mystery Realms Edit

  • Forest Realm: A realm that has the atmospher of pandora where there are tons of trees, you also need to avoid dangers such as forest fires, falling trees and hungry creatures. In order to win this realm you will have go off road and find shortcuts. The skill for this realm is driving well on off road terrain and finding shortcuts whenever possible.

Forest Realm Accelecharger "Beast Mode": Gives the car ability to have nature help you out on the track.

  • Sky Realm: This Realm takes place in the atmosphere above ground. There are also realm hazards. Harsh winds and the bright sunlight are the few hazards in this realm, in order to win this realm you need to be balanced and you need to be focused where to land after the big jumps. The track starts at the Exosphere and ends at the Troposphere. The skill for this realm seems to be driving in a progressively thinner atmosphere and finding out where to land while being blinded by the sunlight.

Sky Realm Accelecharger "Air Glide": Gives your car the ability to fly in the sky and over objects.

  • Sound Realm: The Sound track is constantly shifting, and enveloped in near-total darkness. Drivers will need to keep their windows down and strain their ears over the roar of their engines to hear the track itself, or else risk slamming head-first into a wall.

Sound Realm Accelecharger "Sound Modulator": This Accele-Charger amplifies sounds the driver needs to be aware of while silencing extraneous sounds, thus rendering sound-based hazards ineffective.

  • Glass Realm: Little is known about this realm except that it seems be composed of glass that can shatter under high amounts of weight, such as cars. The driving skill for this realm appears to be know which glass path will support your car. Dangers include: Broken glass, false glass paths, and blowtorches/infernos for heating glass.

Glass Realm Accelecharger "Weightless": Gives the car to drive over fragile surfaces.


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