This page was created by fans who want to tell other fans about their other ideas for more realms. Remember, there are at least 4 unknown Racing Realm symbols, the most noted being the Forest Realm, as a danger in the TCG confirms this. Place your ideas here!

Any inappropriate fan Racing Realms will be removed!

4 Unofficial Racing Realms that are theorized to be 4 of the mystery symbols on the Wheel of Power in the Hot Wheels Acceleracers Movie Edit

  • Forest Realm: A realm that has the atmospher of pandora where there are tons of trees, you also need to avoid dangers such as forest fires, falling trees and hungry creatures. In order to win this realm you will have go off road and find shortcuts. The skill for this realm is driving well on off road terrain and finding shortcuts whenever possible.

Forest Realm Accelecharger "Beast Mode": Gives the car ability to have nature help you out on the track.

  • Sky Realm: This Realm takes place in the atmosphere above ground. There are also realm hazards. Harsh winds and the bright sunlight are the few hazards in this realm, in order to win this realm you need to be balanced and you need to be focused where to land after the big jumps. The track starts at the Exosphere and ends at the Troposphere. The skill for this realm seems to be driving in a progressively thinner atmosphere and finding out where to land while being blinded by the sunlight.

Sky Realm Accelecharger "Air Glide": Gives your car the ability to fly in the sky and over objects.

  • Sound Realm: The Sound track is constantly shifting, and enveloped in near-total darkness. Drivers will need to keep their windows down and strain their ears over the roar of their engines to hear the track itself, or else risk slamming head-first into a wall.

Sound Realm Accelecharger "Sound Modulator": This Accele-Charger amplifies sounds the driver needs to be aware of while silencing extraneous sounds, thus rendering sound-based hazards ineffective.

  • Glass Realm: Little is known about this realm except that it seems be composed of glass that can shatter under high amounts of weight, such as cars. The driving skill for this realm appears to be know which glass path will support your car. Dangers include: Broken glass, false glass paths, and blowtorches/infernos for heating glass.

Glass Realm Accelecharger "Weightless": Gives the car to drive over fragile surfaces.

Other Unofficial Racing RealmsEdit

The Jungle Realm:

Compared to the Forest Realm and the Swamp Realm, the Jungle realm is a vast and lush rainforest with many branching tracks. Some tracks can lead to dead ends or connect to others. Some of the obstacles of the realm are the wildlife, dead end paths and many jumps and loops. Hidden somewhere in the realm lies an ancient Acceleron Temple that contains information about the Racing drones and the Accelerons. In the past, both the drones and the humans have attempted to finish the realm. Both teams failed to finish the realm, claiming the lives of Finn Serpa, Ricky Bell and  Toni Berry. The skill of the realm is to navigate vast areas and remembering where you are. The Acclecharger of the realm allows the driver to see a map of an entire Realm, allowing them to see the best path and even shortcuts.

In later years, the realm was attempted again by both teams, with the humans barely winning. The only driver to make it out without the use of an EDR was Aster Telan, a rejected World Race Candidate turned secret driver for Tezla, driving a Re-built and improved version of Ballistik. After the completion of the realm Aster, The re-built Ballistik and the Jungle realm Accelecharger were never seen again.

(Mind you None of this is canon.)

Island Realm:

A Racing Realm that is a dystopian version of Hawaii. Consisting of a savage alien like hunting tribe, giant living tiki statues and totem poles, volcanoes, and hunters using spears as well as bow and arrows.

Rage Realm:

A Racing Realm that has a hateful vapor called Red Vapor that will cause drivers to get angry and drive aggressively to each other. Drivers will need to keep their windows and their air conditioning vents closed in order to keep out the Red Vapor or else Road Rage will cause the driver to hurt someone. Controlling your temper is the skill in this Realm.

Racetrack Realm:

A Realm that resembles Nurburgring. But the hazards consist of large potholes, slow moving autonomous pace cars, oil spills, and drivers are given two hours to finish the track in the realm itself or else forever trapped. Therefore, racing against the clock is the skill in this Racing Realm.

Sound Realm 2.0:

A Racing Realm that is heavily updated of the original. Now the hazards have low flying military jets, high sound level tornado sirens, cars skidding and honking, bells, alarms, and loud clocks. Driving with annoying and unpleasant sounds is the skill in this Realm.

Air Duct Realm:

A Racing Realm that takes drivers to a giant air duct that features different duct tracks to the finish line. Ventilation noise, dirty, hot, and cold air, dead ends, and inline duct fans are the hazards of this Realm.

Cyber Realm:

A cross between the Cybergrid and Micro Realms. It takes the drivers to a giant circuit board that heavily resembles a futuristic city. Dangers include automated sentries, armed patrol robots, giant bacteriophage viruses that inject destructive nanites, combat drones, and walking battle turrets.

Depression Realm:

A Racing Realm that is about sadness. Hazards include harps and pianos playing sad songs, heavy rain, lightning, and thunder. Even the Racing Drones cry whilst behind the wheel of their cars.

Horror Realm:

A cancelled Racing Realm and a banned minisode that features a bloody track filled with organs, decapitated heads, as well as corpses. Living old trees, a man that is a killer, armed with a machete, knives, and sickles. Haunted cars. Zombies from the Hollywood Realm, as well as various deadly traps set up by the killer. The aforementioned zombies and the killer ignore the Racing Drones, resulting in a easy win for them.

Carnival Realm:

Another cancelled Racing Realm and another banned minisode that features a dark carnival filled with evil clowns that will murder the drivers. Once again, the aforementioned clowns ignore the Drones and have won yet again.

White Noise Realm:

A Realm containing a giant White Noise Machine that will cause drivers to fall asleep and the Drones entering "Sleep Mode", which is very dangerous. More hazards include the high rise track, no rumble strips, deep sleep, and falling off the aforementioned high rise track.

Greenhouse Realm:

A Realm taking place in a giant greenhouse that has living car eating plants and scorching heat.

Beach Realm:

A Racing Realm containing a Hot Wheels track that is next to the water. Dangers include giant seagulls and pelicans, the ocean water washing away cars, giant beach balls, and small dust devils.

Dishwasher Realm:

A Racing Realm taking place in a giant dishwasher that will easily overwhelm cars on a slippery circuit track. The drivers are given 5 laps, each lap they done will cause the machine to be more powerful. Hazards include various parts of the Dishwashing Machine.

Stealth Realm:

A Racing Realm taking place in a giant alien space cruiser that is large enough for a track. It is filled with advanced security systems, armed alien and robot guards, trip wires, doors shutting off certain tracks to the finish, and self driving space security cars, trucks, as well as APCs. Drivers must either electrify their cars or driving in electric cars to further move stealthily throughout the Realm to avoid detection or else resulting in alarms sounding as well as guns blazing.

Forward Realm:

A Realm that drivers cannot stop their cars, nor even reverse. Therefore, the skill is staying focused and not increase speed. Larger vehicles are more in danger as well as a threat, most notably the Racing Drones Drone Sweeper.

Reverse Realm:

A Racing Realm that drivers now cannot stop their cars while in reverse on a steep track. The skill is paying attention to what's behind you or else resulting in a brutal crash. Hazards include giant blocks and spheres, spike strips that suddenly pop up, and large holes that will cause cars to fall through.

Future Realm:

A Racing Realm that is set in the year 2068 and at a destroyed city. Hazards include armed combat robots, advanced AI tactical aircraft, a giant robot armed with a handheld railgun, self driving cars and trucks, as well as spider tank drone units.

Jurassic Realm:

A Racing Realm containing various dinosaurs as well as resembling Jurassic Park.

Metro Realm 2.0:

An updated version of the original. Now it is a need for speed esque world as well as a dystopian city that has police cars and SWAT Trucks aggressively pursuing the drivers, heavy traffic, car accidents, malfunctioning traffic lights, destroyed overpasses, a police helicopter, as well as police roadblocks closing off certain ways to the finish line.

Burnout Realm:

A Racing Realm that is based on the game of the same name. Taking down the Racing Drones and Silencerz is the skill in this Realm. Dangers include heavy traffic, exploding cars and trucks, and crashing if driving too dangerously.

Sonic Realm:

A Realm that features sonic waves that will destroy cars, autonomous sonic tanks and turrets, long range acoustic devices, as well as robotic (and non transforming) pterodactyls with hypersonic screeches.

Natural Disaster Realm:

A Racing Realm that features tornadoes, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, microbursts, and hurricanes.

Fear Realm:

A Racing Realm where drivers must face their worst fears. Most notably porkchop's fear of water. Hazards include dark areas of the track, ominous sounds, evil smiling faces, and jump scares. Being brave and courageous are the only ways out.

Illusion Realm:

A Racing Realm that features false track paths, fake portals that will take the driver back to the starting line, mirages, mirror mazes, and "hot road" mirages that will literally melt the car's tires. An AcceleCharger will remove all aforementioned illusion related hazards.

House Realm:

A Realm featuring dangerous versions of rooms inside of a house. Such as a monstrous TV in the living room and living toys in a child's bedroom.

Alien Realm:

A Racing Realm that features alien as seen in the movies of the same name. It will try to kill the drivers as well as the Racing Drones. Other hazards include the Chestburster, the Facehugger, Acidic Blood, and alien's spike tipped Tail with acid dripping from it.

Criss Cross Realm:

A Racing Realm that consists of a giant criss crossing track over a deep v shaped valley. Perfectly timing near misses is the skill of this Realm or else crashing with the other driver and fall to the valley below. Also, straightaways, long jumps, zigzags, as well as spirals appear before criss crossing again.

Steep Realm:

A Racing Realm where drivers end up on a steep track where braking is useless. Avoid using the brakes and "engine brake" are the two skills to master in this Realm. Additionally, near endless straightaways, longer jumps, loops, and downward spirals appear before going downhill again. An AcceleCharger will grant the driver to stop on a dime whilst on a steep track.

Tornado Realm:

A Racing Realm that has tornadoes of different sizes. Driving through harsh twisters is the skill to master in this Realm. Also, they disappear and reappear to catch drivers off guard.

Microburst Realm:

A Racing Realm that has dry, powerful microbursts that will easily send cars flying.

Trance Realm:

A Racing Realm that revolves around hypnotism. Drivers are nearly under control of trance music throughout the track while driving. Breaking free of control by blinking your eyes or bumping into another driver are the only ways to do so.

Minuscule Realm:

A Racing Realm that the drivers and their cars are now extremely tiny to the point that they're overshadowed by giant ants, dust mites, mosquitoes, wasps, and flies. An AcceleCharger will grant the car to return back to it's full size.

Music Room Realm:

A Realm that the drivers end up in a haunted music room. Hazards include the Turntables, the Piano, the Marimba, the Synthesizers, the Harp, and the Drums.

Street Realm:

A Racing Realm that takes the drivers to a neighborhood street that is filled with giant cars and trucks, urban runoffs, open manholes, glaring streetlights, giant street cleaning trucks, and road cracks.

Invasion Realm:

A Racing Realm that features tripods from War Of The Worlds at a destroyed city. Dangers include the tripods armed with tentacles, heat rays, and black smoke. Armed alien soldiers that can see cloaked Silencer cars, and UFOs.

Lava Realm 2.0:

An updated version of the original. Now the drivers have to go on a rickety bridge over a lava lake. The skill is now to drive over dangerous bridges. Raining lava, intense heat, as well as collapsing bridges are the hazards of this Realm.

Blackout Realm:

The Blackout Realm takes the drivers to a city without power. Like the Cavern Realm, the skill is driving in the dark. More hazards include ominous sounds, pitch black areas, giant panthers and wolves, as well as lit detour signs leading to a dangerous trap.

Factory Realm 2.0:

An updated, but more dangerous version of the original. The Factory Realm 2.0 currently features the same giant, old Acceleron factory that now mass produce unlimited amounts of cars that will chase down drivers. Robots that will easily demolish cars, a DIS asssembly line like the Drone Sweeper's inside bay to dismantle cars. And falling car parts.

Autobahn Realm:

The drivers end up a Realmed version of the Autobahn. Cars on the freeway drive dangerously and will do anything they could to take out the drivers while at high speeds. The skill for this Realm is to now evade vehicle attacks as well as performing evasive manuvers to make the rogue traffic cars crash.

Warped Realm 2.0:

A more dangerous version of the original. The track may look normal but don't be fooled, when a car is knocked off the track or going to an opening of the road, will result in being crushed, twisted, and contorted in unusual ways. Now the skill is not just avoid openings of the track, staying on the deceptive road as well.

Swamp Realm 2.0:

An updated version of the original. The new Swamp Realm features acid pools and puddles that will corrode cars. Giant poison dart frogs. A more powerful version of the Swamp Monster. And the Swamp Realm AcceleCharger is now useless.

Blizzard Realm 2.0:

An updated version of the original. Now it features a strong polar vortex, snow tornadoes, giant yetis wearing icy bladed knuckles, as well as fiercer sleet that will easily destroy windshields and even penetrate armored cars such as RD-L1's new vehicles known as the Sting Rod 2 and Rockster.

Speed Realm:

Little is known about the Speed Realm. But the skill is keeping up with the flow of traffic that is faster than 65, 70 MPH on the highway and NOT slow down or stop as the programmed cars cannot do both either. Also, chain reactions will occur if stopping your car while the traffic cars are at higher speeds.

Dark Realm:

Little is known about the Dark Realm. But the skill is driving in near pitch black darkness that not even high beams of the car's headlights cannot pierce the dark. The racers also have to drive carefully due to being on a high rise track with only reflective road lighting that fortunately guides racers. Also, moving walls, sudden dips and sharp turns, as well as rickety parts of the track are the known hazards of this Realm. An AcceleCharger will grant the car to have more powerful lights known as "Hyper Lights". The Silencerz have night vision equipped on their helmets to see completely of what's in front of them and behind them.

Light Realm:

Little is known about the Light Realm. But the skill is driving with virtually intense light in your eyes that is presumably a powerful sun, giant football stadium lights or streetlights. Not even normal window tinting cannot keep out the light. Fortunately, an AcceleCharger will grant the driver's car to not just have specially designed tinted windows to keep out bright lights and see from the inside, adjusting the brightness of your car headlights as well.

Desert Realm 2.0:

An updated, but more dangerous version of the original. Now the hazards are dust devils, giant monstrous tumbleweeds and tortoises, as well as living cactuses.

Construction Site Realm:

The Construction Site track features autonomous versions of construction vehicles, collapsing buildings, giant wrecking balls, and falling building beams.

Hurricane Realm:

Little is known about the Hurricane Realm. But the skill is finding safe tracks to drive on and must work their way to reach the giant track that leads to the eye of the hurricane in order to make it out in one piece. Although, it is not easy, as the drivers must deal with vicious winds and giant waves that will destroy the track and cause them to fall into the water below. If the main track is destroyed, they are forced to find another way up to the eye.

Flood Realm:

The flood track features different track paths that are underwater and must be avoided. The skill is to find tracks at higher ground or else caught in a flood.

Hailstorm Realm:

The hailstorm realm features hailstones of various sizes. Giant ones will crush cars. Steering clear of huge hailstones is the skill of this realm.

Cloud Realm:

The cloud realm takes the drivers to a giant cumulonimbus cloud that features an unstable track, tornadoes within the cloud itself, foggy areas of the track, sudden lightning strikes, and dangerous jumps.

Hollywood Realm:

A Metro Realm esque track that is the combination of Los Angeles and San Francisco that is filled with REAL stunts and special effects. Hazards include death defying jumps, sudden explosions, immensely strong and fast cable cars, zombies, a swaying Golden Gate Bridge, collapsing buildings, a giant monster resembling Godzilla, as well as a giant robot resembling Gort.

Wind Farm Realm:

This Racing Realm takes drivers through a dangerous Wind Farm that contains malfunctioning wind turbines that explode, collapse, as well as fast moving blades suddenly snap off and sent flying at high speeds that will pose a very dangerous threat. Evasive maneuvering and surviving the wind farm are the two skills to master in this realm.

Airport Realm:

A Micro Realm esque track that takes drivers to an airport at nighttime. They begin at the airport terminal, then work their way out to the runway but being overshadowed by giant airplanes, pushback tugs, and baggage tugs that will crush cars. More hazards include silhouette people walking with or without their luggages, misleading signs to the runway, driving through dangerous versions of baggage carousels, and glaring runway lights.

Reaction Realm:

The Reaction track is all about testing the driver's reflexes when encountering fast and unpredictable hazards such as giant bladed wheels seen in highway 35 as well as car crushing doors that will catch drivers at any moment.

Test Facility Realm:

A track that takes drivers to a test facility where they must master a particular skill, such as a slalom course and even jumping through rings of fire. An AcceleCharger will grant the driver to deactivate all known hazards as well as creatures helping the drivers, thus making all the realms easier to race in. Unfortunately, upon removing the aforementioned AcceleCharger, will reactivate the hazards and creatures will be hostile towards the drivers again.

Gear Realm 2.0:

An updated, but more dangerous version of the original. The engine is now bigger and the car engine itself is either a giant V8 or V12.

Sandstorm Realm:

A track that takes drivers to a desert in the middle of the dust storm. The skill is driving inside of it. Drivers will need to keep their air conditioning vents as well as their windows closed to avoid breathing in the dust. Careless drivers will not make it out in one piece, as they will crash into an obstacle or another driver.

Place more of your Fan Racing Realms and AcceleChargers here, inappropriate ones will be removed!

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