HW Forest Realm

Forest Realm

This page was created by fans who want to tell other fans about their other ideas for more realms. Remember, there are at least 4 unknown Racing Realm symbols, the most noted being the Forest Realm, as a danger in the TCG confirms this. Place your ideas here!

Fan RealmsEdit

− − Forest Realm: A realm where there are tons of trees, you also need to avoid dangers such as bears, forest fires and falling trees . In order to win this realm you will have go off road and find shortcuts. There are also woodland creatures and mountains. The skill for this realm is driving well on off road terrain and finding shortcuts whenever possible.

− − Sky Realm: This Realm takes place in the atmosphere above ground. There are Realm aliens and massive jets. Harsh winds are the few hazards in this realm, in order to win this realm you need to be balanced and you need to be focused. The track starts at the Exosphere and ends at the Troposphere. The skill for this realm seems to be driving in a progressively thinner atmosphere.

− − Sound Realm: A Micro-esque track that takes you to a nightclub, where the music is always at max volume. Race along the bar, the dance floor, and even scratch the records! The skill for this realm could be avoiding that will damage you and your car. Dangers could include frantic dancers/partiers, loud speakers, spilled acidic drinks, and glaring spotlights.

− − Glass Realm: Little is known about this realm except that it seems be composed of glass that can shatter under high amounts of weight, such as cars. The driving skill for this realm appears to be know which glass path will support your car. Dangers include: Broken glass, false glass paths, and blowtorches/infernos for heating glass.

− − Factory Realm: A track located in a ancient Acceleron car factory , the hazards of this realm include falling parts, objects in the middle of the track, concepts for Acceleron cars that the driver must race, machines that can easily destroy cars and pilots, and several tracks that pilots can lose. Some theories state that the Racing Drones have taken over this realm and re-purposed it.

Note: Factory Realm, by far, is the only realm that should appear in the film that does not contain information, images, cards and mentions in the film.

− − Rain Realm: A track in the middle of heavy clouds, with dangers like hailstorms and high winds, poor visibility, and a wet and slippery track full of curves. The needed skill for this realm is do not over-accelerate and control the car on the wet track so as not to fall off the track

− − Gear Realm: A track that takes you through a rusted clock (or a giant engine). Gears, pistons, and machine oil will have your car spinning everywhere. Shifting gears is the only way to maintain control of your car, or you face becoming another cog in the machine.

− − Galaxy Realm: A track that starts like the Cosmic Realm, this stunning raceway transports you to different galaxies, and in this order: Ice (slippery paths + yetis), Fire (Molten rocks over lava pits w' jumping fireballs), Water (water realm w/ bigger fish), Forest (very peaceful, but with fallen logs and a meteor shower), before finishing before the sun. Dangers not already named include: asteroids. The skill for this realm could be adapting to multiple terrains without prep time.

− − Time Realm: The Time realm is a giant track taken place in a giant clock tower and you start off from the bottom of the tower working your way up before each 10 minutes the sound of the giant clock goes off, rattling the track till your cars fall off ! You are running out of time before the clock hits an hour! The Skill for this realm is to race against the clock before time runs out. Dangers include spinning clock hands, the vibrating clock track, pendulums, and more clockwork like gears.

− − Wormhole Realm: Little is known about this realm except for the fact that wormholes take you to different sections of different realms. It may also be connected to other realms in general, like when Tork and Porkchop got swallowed by the black hole in the Cosmic Realm. Dangers include the other realm dangers.

- "Psyche Realm" A realm in which racers are dropped into a bright neon hallucinative forest. Parts of the tracks are not really there due to the strange fungus that liters the track. There are also strange monsters that lurk in the darkness. Near the end of the track there is a flying eel like monster that patrols the portal eating any metal meal that gets too close.The track challenges driver with them being able to tell what's real and what's not. The accelercharger creates illusions which distract the other drivers from focusing.

-"Dust Realm" A realm where driver must navigate through an ancient acceleron city plagued by dust storms. Limited visibility falling buildings and creatures in the dust are the main dangers of the track. The skill for this realm is being able to calculate multiple dangers at the same time and being able to counter them. The accelercharger gives the racer the ability to create a dust storm behind them blinding anyone potentially trying to draft with them.

-"Isle realm The isle realm takes place on a series of islands in a tropical ocean. Drivers must navigate through beaches and a track made of a glass like material which makes braking useless. One island has an active volcano which is literally right over the portal. The skill for this realm is being able to control your car on various turns and being able to drive at various angles. The accelercharger gives the cars the ability to gain a boost of speed whilst making sharp turns.

Machinery realm" A race through a city conquered by robots. The racers will have to avoid homing rockets, lasers, patrol drones, crumbling buildings bombing runs and giant robots to survive this race. It is shown all organic life was wiped by the robots and intend to keep it that way. They see the racing drones however as threats as well. The skill for this realm is survival and the accelercharger gives the car the ability to adapt to the dangers in the area making them invincible.

Fan AcceleChargersEdit

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