Unofficial Acceleracers Trading Cards

Here is the list below:

Cars (New):


The F-Racer is a high tech and unmatched racing car of the future. No one can challenge it. Like all new Racing Drone cars, it is replaced with hydrogen fueled turbine engines instead of regular ones.

Trak Tune:

Check out this sweet ride. It has a banging sound system as well as a sleek body kit. Is it cool or what?

Impavido 1:

Comes with or without scissor doors. The doorless variant has reinforced glass that is impact resistant. Able to withstand almost any collision.


A supercool hardtop convertible.


A mean machine with a more badder attitude.

Sky Dome:

Comes with an advanced HUD, switchable Night Vision system, as well as a crushproof, all glass canopy. This is yet another one of the successful new Silencerz cars.

24 Ours:

Half Le Mans car, Half Silencerz car

Scoopa Di Fuego:

A mixture of speed and stealth.

Jet Threat 4.0:

This unique car is able to convert from car mode to jet mode at anytime. It also features twin miniguns and heat seeking missiles.

Clear Speeder:

An extremely top secret Silencerz concept car. It has an already invisible body that can be turned on or off. But allowing the driver to slip by any opponent unnoticed. It is nearly unpredictable as well as almost undetectable.

Off Track:

A big bad wolf on wheels. This truck can tackle any terrain with ease.

Pony Up:

A sleek and perfectly crafted new Teku vehicle. It may look good, but it performs good as well.


This particular Metal Maniac car is powerful and menacing. Be careful, it will devour you if not letting it pass.

Nitro Doorslammer:

This car is so fast and quick that it can literally blow your doors off. No, will.


Another new vehicle for the Racing Drones. After undergoing the conversion process, this car is more than ready.

Quick N' Sik:

An aerodynamic body, a twin turbocharged engine, and a sleek looking vehicle. But now, it is not just a typical eye catching car anymore. It is now a Silencerz vehicle.


Another top secret, futuristic car of tomorrow. This car is more advanced than any other Silencer car. It is also nearly unmatched.

Off Duty:

A tricked out, yet hulking pickup truck. No other truck can top this bad boy.


A new car for Kadeem if his drone'd Krazy 8's isn't enough. With an incredible top speed and unmatched horsepower. It has no known weaknesses.

Asphalt Assault:

A tuned up car that has nitrous purge and a eye catching body kit. This vehicle can never be topped.


This car earned it's name by revving it's engine furiously by a crazed driver. Better step back, it may have the looks of a fine automobile, but has the heart of a beast.

Nitro Scorcher:

An insanely fast and new Racing Drones car. Don't blink, because it'll zoom by in a blur.

Sting Rod 2:

This new Racing Drone car is the commander for all Drone racers. It also has an automated machine gun turret that will easily chew through cars.

Rapid Transit (Car):

A new Metal Maniac car that has a mean look as well as a powerful engine. The car is basically full of rage and attitude. Despite it's name.

Bad Mudder 2:

This bad boy has a reinforced, impact protected body and already impervious tires without the need of the Lava Realm AcceleCharger. This monster is the king of the OFF road.

Mountain Mauler:

Powerful headlights that pierce the dark, near indestructible roll cage, and ready to tear up the dirt. What more do you expect?


Another top secret car of the Silencerz. A very advanced car that is more superior to other cars. Want to find out more? Get behind the wheel and find out.

Ultra Rage:

This car never looked so good. It's not just about the looks, speed and performance is also what the car is about.


This truck is nearly unbeatable when it comes to off-roading. It also has good looks too.

MX48 Turbo:

Has over 1150 horsepower and a ridiculous top speed of over 315 miles per hour. End of discussion!

Sooo Fast:

This car is not just fast, it is a well loved classic hot rod that puts today's cars to shame. Period.

Hammered Coupe:

This car has an Inline 8 "Hammer Runner" engine that produces 785 horsepower with a top speed of 190 miles per hour. It's 0-60? 5.0 seconds. You totally hit the nail on the head pal.

Muscle Speeder:

Was once a wreck. But now, it ain't a wreck anymore. The car has been restored and upgraded to take on any foolish opponent.

Rodger Dodger:

This car strikes fear into people's hearts with it's loud engine. It cannot be stopped. If you seen one in your rear view mirror, get out of the way or else....

Formula Street:

The Formula Street's speed is unmatched. No one can outrun it or challenge it to a race.

Urban Agent:

Comes with a built in, state of the art, EMP missile launcher that has heat seeking capabilities. It is additionally autonomous and therefore, producing a holographic driver to conceal it's appearance. This is the most advanced Silencerz vehicle yet.


A sleek, yet Silencer converted car that features a hazard warning system and a specially design teleporting system called the "reverseport", a teleportation capability that returns the driver on the track from imminent danger without loss of speed or left behind.

Silhouette 2:

A fully converted Silhouette 2 features a crushproof bubble top, and a self regenerating, front and rear, supercharged electric motors that are enhanced far beyond than that of conventional electric cars. The electric motors also improves propulsion to fire this car at very high speeds.

Split Decision:

This car lives up to it's name. Although not the word decision. It gives the driver the ability to deploy 3 false versions of itself. The decoy cars deliver a powerful EMP burst when rammed by a driver.

Fast FeLion:

An Empowered V10, 1150 horsepower, and is ready for any race at anytime.

Speed Trap:

Luxury car on the outside, Silencerz on the inside.


A cabriolet variant of the Fast FeLion. With a 5.0L V8, supercharged 600 horsepower engine. This car is unmatched and worthy.

Torque Twister:

With a fuel injected V8, rear diffuser, and dual exhausts. Ain't nothing gonna stop it once it starts going.

Qombee: A mean machine with a built in, retractable battering ram. It is basically a juggernaut on wheels.

Rockster: Nobody can stop this mean beast. Not even the roughest of terrain cannot be matched.

Racing Realms (New):

Roller Coaster Realm:

This is not really a roller coaster and there is no fun and games here. Every time when the earthquake starts, the track shakes immensely until the cars fall off. Also, large rolling barrels, potholes, and high speed bumps that will damage your car. Seriously, no joke.

Depression Realm:

A Racing Realm that is about grief, despair, and gloominess. Hazards include thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain, as well as pianos and harps playing sad songs. But don't worry, you'll get through this :)

Natural Disaster Realm:

A Realm where all types of natural disasters appear. Such as empowered microbursts, car swallowing tornadoes, as well as floods that can cause cars to be swept away or sink into oblivion.

Rage Realm:

Whoa now, no need for road rage. Because you'll end up hurting someone. Try controlling your anger in this Realm.

Dishwasher Realm:

The drivers end up in a giant dishwasher where it constantly washes not just dirty dishes, cars as well. You are given 8 laps. Each lap will cause the machine to be more violent and overwhelming. This is basically a car wash of doom.

Steep Realm:

Whoa! The road is so steep that braking is almost useless....unless reaching the end of the downhill track. Keeping your car at a low gear and "engine brake" are the skills of this Realm. Also, near endless straightaways, criss crossing tracks, spirals, sharp turns, and longer jumps appear before going downhill again.

Forward Realm:

What the?!! You cannot slow down your car. You must not increase your speed or else resulting in a brutal crash and also a pile-up. If you're in a bigger vehicle, it'll be much worse.

Reverse Realm:

Now you can't stop your car or even go forward. Your skill is keep watch of what's behind you or a rising wall will do serious damage to your car and YOU.

Aerial Realm:

A variant of the Sky Realm, the Aerial Realm also takes place in the sky, but with a higher rise track above ground. The drivers start from the sky and work their way down to the bottom. Spirals, banked turns, long jumps, giant loops, and criss crossing tracks appear in the middle of this Realm. Also, hazards include the bright sunlight, airplanes, high winds, swaying tracks, and UFOs armed with lasers to vaporize cars. Better pay close attention or else.....

Sonic Realm:

Listen up, the Sonic Realm is just as loud as the Sound Realm. Such as LRADs, low flying fighter jets, high sound level tornado sirens, automated sonic tanks, as well as powerful sonic waves that will easily deform and destroy any car.

Water Park Realm:

We are NOT here to have fun, no! We are here to drive through various parts of this haunted and lifeless water park. The water is so deep that it can sink cars whole, the living inflatable water floats are scary, giant whirlpools pose a dangerous threat, oh...and the giant water slide, you MUST reach the top or else water will wash you down to the bottom. You can do it.

Street Realm:

A variant of the Micro Realm. The drivers are taken to a neighborhood street that features giant cars and trucks, powerful urban runoffs, open manholes, and storm drains. Yet again racing goes miniature

Future Realm:

A variant of the Machinery Realm. Beware of those nasty robots, it consists of AI aircraft drones from the Cyber Realm, an armed giant robot, armed combat robots, as well as bipedal walking turrets. But for those Racing Drones, they are lucky to be assisted!

Alien Invasion Realm:

Another destroyed city, but has aliens attempting to wipe out all organic life. This is the most difficult Racing Realm yet. It features tripods from war of the worlds, UFOs from the Aerial Realm, armed alien soldiers, and tentacles from the tripods that will grab and crush cars. Not even the Silencerz are no match.

More To Be Added....

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