Technology Edit

X-88 Robots

The Silencerz' X-88 Drone is a highly sophisticated hovering robot. X-88 uses only the most advanced technology, because Gig (as seen in Highway 35 and all 4 Acceleracers movies) was seen in Highway 35, as well as in The Ultimate Race which took place many years later.

Background Edit

Gig Revealed

Dr. Peter Tezla's sidekick Gig is a stolen piece of Silencerz technology. Gig revealed himself as a Silencerz drone in The Ultimate Race when Lani searches for the AcceleChargers.

Trivia Edit

  • For no obvious reason, Gig (orange) always appeared with yellow 'eyes'. However, when he reveals himself to be a Silencerz Drone, he had purple eyes. The room's lighting may have been one of the factors.
  • When the Racing Drone soldiers entered the AcceleDrome's back corridor to finish off the humans, Gig says "Just remember; I'm NOT a human"
  • When the X-88 drones are seen in The Ultimate Race, they don't appear to communicate in any way.